It’s Margarita Time In Siesta Village

We have found our favorite spot for margaritas.  The Hub Baja -Grill in the center of Siesta Village.  We come here for special days or when friends or family want to try our favorite : Strawberry Jalapeño !!!  Mmmmm…. it’s gets spicier the longer it sits, but who’s letting it sit ?   There’s good food , live music, and other drinks, but this is what makes us keep going back.

Have someone who wants to share a pitcher ? It’s ok, because your car is going to stay right there while the alcohol has time to wear off  and you just wander down the road to a beach which is connected to, and north of, Siesta Beach.  You can walk to shops or other restaurants or a mini donut shop, to name a few places.

The Hub is open Monday thru Saturday, 11am – 12pm, Sunday 12pm -12am.        They are on Facebook and you can find them online for more info.


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