Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair Review

  1. IMG_5293
    Even our 6 year old grandson can carry it !

We own 2 of these chairs, and purchased 2 more as gifts.  They’re the bomb!                              We’ve had them for almost 2 years and people think they are new still !    when we first moved here we just picked up cheap ones , but soon realized they weren’t going to hold up.  We came upon these and thought they looked like quality chairs with extra’s that most chairs don’t have.

  1. There’s a towel bar you can pop out on the back…which we thought for the longest time was just extra support if you are in the lowest, almost flat , position.
  2. Theres 2 good size zippered pouches on the back, of which one is insulated and works like a lunch bag for keeping stuff cool if you stick an ice pack in there.  The other can hold a beach cover-up and plastic bags for shell collecting, or even a medium size beach towel.
  3. The backpack -type, adjustable straps on the back leave your hands free if you don’t choose to carry the chair by the handle.
  4. As you can see in the picture, there’s a little cushion for your head, which can be hanging on the front of the chair for using or on the back if not using.
  5. Then you have 2 pockets on the right chair arm. One is for cell phones or what have you, and has a velcro patch to partially close , while the other is a mesh pouch to set your beverage container in so it’s not in the sand , but handy for keeping hydrated.

We have found our chairs to be such an asset when at the beach that we keep them and a beach towel in our car trunk , so if we should end up at the beach unplanned we will have them with us.. you know…like keeping blankets and sand in your car trunk in the winter up north…to be prepared !!!    They are worth the investment !!!

Read more reviews and get this chair on Amazon!

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